Renewal: #architalks

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With the sun barely having risen on a new year (is it really 2018 already?) we're taking a moment to think about what it means to renew, to be reborn, to be remade, and to rededicate oneself to a set of ideals and principles. The new year is an incredible opportunity for hope and rejuvenation for anyone, but even more so for entrepreneurs and the businesses we run. And so we've sat down to think about and to list what our 2018 will look like. What is our focus, what are our goals, what are we aspiring to and where do we want to go both personally and professionally?

Here are our Rogue Resolutions:



In 2018 we aspire to dedicate ourselves more fully to the pursuit, profession, and passion of Architecture. We firmly believe that Architecture has the power to create vibrant, inclusive, diverse and sustainable communities through the power of good design. We will continue to grow as a firm in our knowledge and application of sound design principles based on a keen understanding of how humans interact with their environment and how those interactions, properly fostered, can create more peaceful and harmonious spaces in all of our work.



In 2018 we aspire to safely and responsibly steward the resources of our planet through responsible design and a return to the principles of a Master Builder. We strive to understand the unique environment that our work will inhabit and design in such a way that our buildings will respond with rather than to that environment. In working with our environment rather than against it we can create structures that enhance their surroundings and will stand the test of time for future generations.



In 2018 we aspire to send our voice out to a larger audience, to teach, to guide and to provide valuable advice about the built environment. Through the use of social media, video, audio, and our BIM modeling software, we will create content that will benefit and educate our clients as well as other professionals in the construction industry.


In 2018 we aspire to grow our business and to multiply across the state of Arkansas. Since our inception in 2014 we have designed more than 100 projects for our clients and have helped oversee the completion of more than $5,000,000 worth of construction in the Residential and Commercial markets. Since earning our contractors license in 2017 we have grown our portfolio of services to include Design/Build and have contracted more than $600,000 worth of work. In 2018 we aim to double that number.

Architecture truly is our passion. And this year presents a unique opportunity for us to take steps in a new direction to grow and prosper this year and for years to come. 

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