The Season of Giving

If you’ve been following us for a while you know that there are two very important issues that are near and dear to our hearts and we work hard to raise awareness for and solutions to homelessness and affordable housing in our community. One of the groups we have been working with, and a client of ours as well, is Depaul USA. From their website:


“Our mission is to offer homeless and disadvantaged people opportunities to fulfill their potential and move towards an independent and positive future. Our vision is that everyone have a place to call home and a stake in his or her community.  Depaul USA effects change and brings hope to many struggling and marginalized people in the US.

Depaul USA is a subsidiary of Depaul International, and has affiliates in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Ukraine, and France.  Each entity operates unique projects to meet the needs of the community. Together we share the goal to meet people where they are, and walk with them as they take steps towards a better future.”


Soon we will be breaking ground on the first of two duplex residential units that will be the start of a larger vision of providing safe, affordable, quality homes for people experiencing long term homelessness. In addition to the goal of ending homelessness, these projects represent a significant investment in the community surrounding the Jericho Way Day Center which offers services and counseling to the homeless in Little Rock. It is our hope that this investment encourages others in the neighborhood to build each other up, and also encourage new investment to grow and prosper our city. 


And because we believe so much in the mission of Depaul USA and the work at Jericho Way Day Center, we will be donating 10% of our profits from all new contracts signed between December 1st and 31st. This is the season of giving, so if you have thought about remodeling, or creating a new outdoor living space, or even just updating your home, we would love to partner with you in the month of December and help raise funds for an incredible organization. Click the "free consultation" button on our website so that we can connect with you. We look forward to talking with you very soon.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Rogue family to yours.

Jeremiah RussellComment