Rogue Architecture is proud to announce our first prototype dwelling – The Wedge Haus



The Wedge Haus is the first in a series of space and energy efficient homes that we plan to design, market and eventually develop in the greater Little Rock area as a model for modern affordable and ecologically sustainable residential housing. And with two bedrooms, one and one half baths, full kitchen, dining and living spaces in only 959 square feet, the Wedge Haus is about as efficient as it gets. The design is distinctly modern with its wedge shaped single slope roof and simple geometric plan. Exterior finishes are a combination of horizontal fiber cement and vertical corrugated metal siding and roof. The contrast of charcoal gray metal and blue-green siding is a nod to Mid Century Modern design.




The main level is dedicated to the public functions of daily life – Kitchen, Dining and Living – and was modeled after modern loft apartment design in which kitchen and dining are combined with a service wall and dining table instead of the traditional island. The main living area takes up the rear 1/3 of the space and is generous enough for any number of furnishing combinations. The open stair takes you to the second floor and is comprised of two bedrooms and one full bath. Each bedroom has large operable windows to provide plenty of natural light and ventilation, and a full size closet for storage. The second bedroom also has a small desk or office nook.




The overall design and layout of the home is intentionally simple, and each space is efficiently designed without sacrificing functional quality. And because of the compact nature of the design, this home can be built on even the most challenging and limited residential lots. As a development feature, the stair wall is intended to act as a party wall. By removing the windows and replacing standard drywall with fire rated gypsum board, two units can be built side by side on any standard residential lot at least 40′ wide. The performance characteristics of the home are also modern with 6″ exterior stud walls and full depth rock wool insulation covered by engineered structural sheathing and a liquid applied air/vapor barrier. The walls, roof and floor are designed to have a minimum R-30 insulation value creating an incredibly energy efficient home that will cost less to heat and cool and require less maintenance over the life of the structure. We’ve also allowed for the future addition of a solar array on the roof that would make this a net zero home.

In 2017 Rogue Architecture is committed to creating affordable energy efficient and ecologically sustainable residential designs for a variety of site conditions for the needs of average middle class Americans. Not only are we planning on introducing additional models for sale, but we also plan to develop several of our designs as affordable rental housing within the greater Little Rock area. These are not just ideas on paper. We plan to put our money where our mouth is. If you’re interested in working with us in this effort, please contact us and start the conversation.




Lisa Saldivar