There are three little words that we all love to hear. We have to hear them, we need to hear them, our lives, quite frankly, are empty, meaningless and devoid of joy without these three little words. We know them, we love them, we long to hear them whispered sweetly into our ear. It happens so seldom that sometimes we forget the feeling it arouses in us. We forget how our pulse quickens, our palms get a little sweaty and we suddenly forget all the heartache and frustration that came before that moment. Suddenly, inexplicably, amazingly all the challenges, all the late nights, all the phone calls and passionate back and forth are forgotten and you are left with a sense of euphoria that at times you think will drive you mad but that ultimately completely restores your faith and hope for the future. You feel light headed. You think perhaps you didn’t hear them quite clearly. You ask them to repeat, to say it again. And again, your heart quickens. You inch a little closer – you can’t help it – and again they say those three little words. Three little words that, every time, completely change your life.


Just reading the words is enough to send me into a frenzy of architectural ecstasy. And lets face it, other than “you’re hired” there really are no other words that an architect needs to hear more than this. After all, if it’s never built it’s just a pretty picture. Construction is the ultimate validation and affirmation that your work has value and will bring joy and pleasure to your clients, their families, their clients, their customers, the public, and hopefully for generations to come.




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