Looking back over my posts these last few months I’ve noticed that it has been a really long time since I posted about containers and architecture. And I just KNOW that you’re all wondering “what happened to all the containers?!” It’s ok. I’m here to rescue you, to pull you back from the brink of despair. We will get through this together.

CONTAINERS! Yes, I still love them. They’re like really big legos that you get to cut apart, weld together and create interesting homes out of. So why the long hiatus from talking about them? Simply I just got busy. Life and business have sped up dramatically and blogging in general has taken a major backseat. But I do have an exciting project that has been under development for a while and is now coming through to fruition and will even be under construction soon. And it’s made of CONTAINERS!! 5 40′ high cube shipping containers to be exact. This project interestingly came to me through the contractor who was hired to build it. Since they have never built one they did a little research and came across my site. After a little back and forth they hired me to created construction drawings for the project and to help with making the client’s plans work functionally and per code. The project will be built just outside Bradenton, Florida and I can’t wait. Below are some images of the final design.




The house has three bedrooms, 2 baths, an open living area and was conceived as two pods – one for the main public spaces and two bedrooms and one for the master suite, utility and home office/gym. The exterior of the containers will be left exposed, so all of the insulation will be within the interior stud cavities. Some of the interior container walls have also been left exposed and will be painted. For budget concerns the roof has been left off for now. The container roof will be coated with a liquid roofing membrane system similar to Siplast ParaPro. This will seal any leaks and provide a durable weather resistive surface that is also traffic rated. I’ll update this post as photos become available.

Architect’s Note: This project is a real home that is being built by a real contractor for a real budget. It will not cost pennies on the dollar and will be a sound investment for the client’s future. Anyone that tells you container homes can be built cheaply has never actually tried to build one.


Lisa Saldivar