it’s a “milestone”…get it? 🙂

Hopefully if you’re reading this you’re one of my regular followers from the old r | one studio architecture blog, which also means you know by now that we are embarking on a new and wonderful adventure as a full service stand alone firm. For years I’ve been moonlighting as a designer and architect working towards the moment when I could finally step out on my own and “hang a shingle” as the saying goes. Well, that day is finally here. As of November 7th, 2014 ROGUE architecture is officially live and in color!

These last 6 or 7 months have been a bit tumultuous to say the least. I went from working with one firm that I had thought was going to be a forever home to another firm that was offering great opportunity for advancement but in an area of the profession that just isn’t quite for me. It’s always difficult to be working at a place that you know in the back of your mind isn’t quite the right fit for you. Especially in this profession. Architectural offices are like a family, no matter the culture – large or small. You get to know everyone and each depends on the other to do their bit to keep the ship moving forward. It’s a challenge and a stressful one when you’re actively pursuing other avenues.

But I’m happy to say that as of this week I am no longer a moonlighter, I am a sole proprietor and the captain of my own ship. I’m terrified. I’m elated. I’m insane. But mostly I’m grateful to all of the other architects out there (you know who you are – stand up and take a bow) who have encouraged me through this process. Architecture as a profession, for all our faults and the competition and the grandstanding, is a wonderful community of people that are truly excited about the success of their peers. I’m honored to be counted among them.

I hope you’ll all continue to follow me on this journey as a spectator or even as a participant. And stay tuned for regular project updates as we have a number of irons in the fire and moving quickly.


Lisa Saldivar