A hot topic in the architecture community

This has always been a hot topic in the architecture community. I’ve been on both sides of the fence myself. I once won 4th place in a design competition for “Most Liveable Design” in which the winning design was to be built as a spec home and then sold. It always rubbed me funny that if my design was the “most liveable” why would such a design not be the winning entry for a competition intending to build a home that someone would eventually live in?

But I digress. Award competitions, the likes of which discussed here, take into consideration only those that are the highest profile, the highest budgets and, yes, the most shiny photo spreads. Personally, I would like to see these competitions broken into cost categories. Most notably a category for most innovative design for single family homes under $250,000.00. Now THAT would be a sweet competition in my book.
Awesome post, as always, by my buddy Lee.


Lisa Saldivar