Single Family Residence

Addition, Second Floor
Little Rock, Arkansas

Budget $70,000
Architect: Rogue Architecture
Contractor: Haney Contractors
Completion: Spring 2016


This was one of our most challenging projects. The client came to us through the contractor and the project began as an exercise in trying to discover if the project was even feasible based on some zoning challenges. So, the first thing we had to do was work with City officials to determine the extents to which we would be allowed to add on the the home, which is a 1940s single story bungalow on a steep slope in a historic neighborhood. We quickly determined that the best course of action was to design and build a second floor addition above an existing single car garage in a style and massing that would compliment the home. This also allowed us to take advantage of some stunning views of Alsop Park immediately to the North. The real issue we dealt with was in filing for a variance owing to the fact that the house violated all of the existing setbacks set in place decades after the home was built. Once that hurdle was overcome we were able to begin construction. The final product is a multi purpose living room with cantilevered deck facing the park with large North and South facing windows that bathe the entire space in natural light.